5 Shaped Birthday Cake

Made for one of my favorite clients, 1/2 Sheet marble cake cut out into the shape of a 5. 
Buttercream icing and some fondant accents. 

 Happy 5th Birthday Elli! 

Cow theme smash cake

Made for a cow themed party. 
I thought it was adorable that this little one year old girl loves cows so that was the theme for her party. 
 6" White cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents. 

Black and White Wedding Cake

10" & 6" Rounds, white cake with buttercream icing.
Two half sheet cakes chocolate and carrot, pre-sliced with piped buttercream rosebuds. 


Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

10" and 6" tiers of strawberry and white cake,

 covered with Marshmallow fondant with fondant accents. 

Happy 4th Birthday, Calista!! 


Argyle Baby Shower Cake

Made for a surprise baby shower. 
10" Round white cake colored blue.
Buttercream base with fondant accents and buttercream piping. 
Loved this cake!