Cupcake Flag Pull-a-part

Flag cupcake pull-a-part made for my nephews Eagle Scout court of honor. I initially made 192 white and chocolate cupcakes- we didn't end up using all of them, we wanted to have more than enough to get the full effect. I didn't realize making that many cupcakes would be so time consuming! I made 5 doubled batches of cream cheese frosting- which, if I do say so myself turned out deliciously!


Made for a 40th Birthday Party as a gag cake. 5 layers of chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting. I had fun with this cake- finding a car that was the right ratio for the size of the road was a little difficult though. THANK YOU MATCHBOX!

Hamburger Cake

This cake cracks me up, there's just something neat about eating a cake that looks like a hamburger!